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hi, I want calculate lambda(lagrange multiplier) for lane emden type equation, I have made a programme for it but here is error at the end of programme,plz help

hi, I am tyying to solve this equation but there is arising an error, plz help me,

Hi, I'm tying to solve the ODE by variational iteration method, programme is running, but maple answer does'nt  match to origional answer, plz tell me the mistake?

ICs y(0)=y'(0)=y''(0)=1


diff(y(x), x, x)+2*(diff(y(x), x))/x+af(x)*g(y(x))=0


"n:=5:  y[0]:=0:  f(x):=1:  g(y):=e^(-y): L:=x^(-2)(ⅆ)/(ⅆ x) (x^(2)(ⅆ)/(ⅆ x) ):  L^(-1)(y):=(∫)[0]^(x)x^(-2)(∫)[0]^(x)x^(2)dxdx:  "

"for m from 1 to n do:  `&varkappa;`[m]:={[[0,m<=1],[1,m>1]]:   R[m]:=simplifyL^(-1)((d^(2)y[m-1])/(dx^(2))+(2)/(x)(&DifferentialD;y[m-1])/(&DifferentialD; x)+f(x)g(y) );  y[m]:=simplify(y[m-1]*`&varkappa;`[m]-R[m]):  od;"


plz help me, I m trying to solve homotopy analysis method for lane emden, what additional steps I have to taken in above programming?


plz help me, how do i solve singular ODEs of lane Emden type equation for homotopy analysis method in maple? there is arising an arror, invalid fraction

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