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These are questions asked by Boby

hi, I just want to calculate Adomian's polynomial but does not got  desire result,plz

LE_EQ.mwWhat is problem with this programme,why it does'nt calculate the values but only shows the solution with integral sign instead of calculating it, there is also arising a problem in plots

lambdaaaaaa.mwI have calculated lambda(s), now I to substitute  its derivative(1st,2nd) in b[2], b[3]and b[4] in order to calculate the values of constants i.e C1,C2 and C3, plz help

VIM.3.mwHi,How do I make a graph and error table for exact and by using this method i.e VIM 

by_parts.mwhi, plz someone tell me what I have to do for such type of error

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