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@acer Using subs you can get Maple to output your second instance of the toy equation as

b*(a - Q - a*sqrt(f)) - b*(a - K - a*sqrt(f)) - b^2 - 1

Thanks dharr for the map alternative.

Thanks acer for the seq options.

Maybe I should also be considering Threads:-Seq or Grid:-Seq?

Upload your worksheet. 

Likely something offscreen or something that's been done we can't see.  Uploaded your worksheet will help us further diagnose the issue. 

** You probably have a Maple initialization file that contains code generating the error.  So every new document will contain this error because it runs the initialization file automatically. 

** You could also try interface(typesetting=standard) and see if the issue goes away. 

The sunspot periodicity worksheet needs to be modified as below.  The actual location is here 

However, in order for the worksheet to operate as normal you must first register for a free account where you will get an API key which you will set and add in maple, with this line

DataSets:-Quandl:-SetToken("Enter your API key here")

After which the worksheet will function normally.  All of the the data values have also all been updated to newer calculated values. 

Also more recent up to date data can be found here

Ah.  Ok, a little rusty.  

Clicking on the editable box on the bottom

allows access to the start up code region. 

Without seeing what the op has done, It appears dareimert is plotting an equation with a variable assigned to itself. 

He's doing something like this:


plot(c)=   which will throw the exact error he is describing.

Try, s2[1] or op(s2)[1]

@acer ah.  ok thanks.

I guess padding without the ImageTools package I could just pad the Matrix like this.

a := Matrix(16, 16, rand(0. .. 1.0)):
b := Matrix(18, 18, 0):
b[2 .. 17, 2 .. 17] := a:

@acer Thanks, that's a good way,

Slightly forgot about the Preview command which displays axes and will at least give you a rough idea.

@C_R  You got it, image outputs of imagetools routines or imports of images.

I'd also like to say not all commands work the same across the entire family of Maple or user created packages.  A different definition may be used for the same command within another package.  One may have carefully crafted a Maple document only to find out it breaks when loading a stray package on some brilliant new idea they might have just thought of.  Similarily the sequence structure may be viewed differently when other packages are loaded. 

I just believe it common practice to use some type of bracket in a sequence, be it a list, set, vector etc... not always a requirement but probably not a bad habit to get in to.   Especially as Eric pointed out, if using them for any type of mathematical operation. 

@QM There is a case# assigned to my request.  A replied email to the support request mentioned they would do their best to get back to me within one business day.  I suspect they are putting contingency plans in place to update the website overnight or worst case over the weekend. 

I find the online help useful in discovering what's new in the latest release.  Also when I'm at work or don't have access to maple I can still use the online help.

@QM Oh Sign in, ok.  Actually I forgot about that, probably because I never use it - and probably why I've never noticed it missing.  I closed and re-opened Maple a few times on 2021.1 and 2022.0 and so far haven't had an occurrence of the sign in disappearing

@QM It is quite surprising. 

 I have contacted Maplesoft and made them aware of the issue.

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