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Not sure if this is documented explicitly to Maple users, but normally (prior to Maple 2017) interface(typesetting=extended) was all that was required to output display diff(y(x),x) as y'(x)

With Maple 2017 typesetting=extended is default and one must use with(Typesetting)  Settings(typesetprime=true) in order to output the display of diff(y(x),x) as y'(x).

Perhaps this is well documented somewhere, however I was unable to find the change. 

suppose I have

g := (x-4)^2+(y-6)^2-144:


                     e := x^2+y^2-8*x-12*y-92

How do I get from the equation of e back to g?


x dot produces x dot (t)   

How do I suppress the t in the output display?  The help page shows an Unsuppress all so I thought a Typsetting:-Suppress(all) would do it, but it throws an error message. 

Typesetting:-Suppress(x(t)) would do it but I'd prefer the option all.

Sorry for the simple subject.  Using unapply we can convert an expression to a function. 



               a:= x-> x^2+sin(x)

How do you go the other way.  That is convert a function to an expression?

Using the help page of DataSets,Reference (below) and executing the first few commands, how do you expand to view more rows and columns of bdata? 



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