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@AmusingYeti  The development of probability theory resulted from the earnest contemplation of problems faced by gamblers. In the 20th century, much progress in computer science resulted from trying to program a machine to play chess.

Recreational math may seem like an oxymoron to some.  The term broadly includes puzzles such as Sudoku where no advanced knowledge of mathematics is required yet still involves the same logic and deductive skills used in mathematics. 

Martin Gardner's Mathematical games in the back of Scientific American I think would be a great example of recreational math.

Majorie rice in 1975, with no math beyond high school discovered four new tessellations, as a result of in my opinion "recreational math".

So by no means should we not consider recreation and math in the same sentence.  Math and Recreational math are both serious business.


The issue is fixed.  Thanks to mapleprimes for addressing the issue.

When I first read the title, I wondered what it meant.  Then I looked into the post and I thought "That's really neat!"

I enjoy the creative side people use to come up with ideas using mathematics/maple.  It's quite an art!

@Markiyan Hirnyk for research?  Cryptographers?  or just plain fun :)

@Kitonum thanks, I didn't know tubeplot would trick the axes.  I did indeed try white earlier, it is invisible unless the modelled shape is behind the axes. 

@tomleslie thanks yes that is what I was looking for.  I figured it had to be a hack.  Probably has to be hacked for labels and tickmarks as well.

@Kitonum thanks yes that does what I asked however I meant to add that I also must view the object in the negative axes.

Slip of the keys, sorry.  It should be obvious I meant axes.   

So it is not possible in Maple then? 

@tomleslie Thanks for those alternatives.

I was initially looking for a quick command that would produce a vector from two points.  Since none really exists I thought maybe something like the two point variables pq followed by a symbol that would serve as a vector identification for maple to carry out a q-p operation automatically. 

Thanks for the answers. 

@brownr Yes, thanks!  No wonder I couldn't find it, I thought I had posed the question.  Nonetheless, thanks for finding that post!

I don't know what the standard Linux platform is used to test Maple on, but perhaps there are issues with specific Linux builds in Maple2017?  I can only offer a suggestion but maybe try a different Linux. 

You must have something assigned to x or y, I have no problems.  Use restart before executing your statements.

Thanks for the replies. 

Funny the command isolate doesn't have the ability to isolate multiple variables or accept arguments like integer etc...

@Les Go to Start Menu -> Control Panel -> System and Security under Windows update click the View installed updates .. you will have a list of updates.  Right click on the security patch and option will be given to uninstall.

Find KB4034664 and uninstall it.  Everything should work fine after that .. (hopefully) if still problem then remove superseeding patches one at a time to see if problem goes away.

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