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I think he wanted the gradplot displayed as solid lines since contour lines are already shown in the application.

Has anyone come up with anything?

@Kitonum It appears the code for the second part by Robert Israel doesn't show the full code.  I currently can't see how he gets the Raw ouputs.

@Carl Love I usually just cut them however I want.  Indeed the cutting is a little more difficult if you don't go all the way across but it doesn't matter for me, I would just cut close to the perpendicular point and then finish off with a hand saw.  Be neat to see both ways.  Which method would end up with a larger useable waste piece?  That is also of interest. 

In what context is the error related to?

Please post your example that caused the error.

@acap_619 What happens when you execute this line?  What is your output?

96*sin(2*beta*y)*cos(2*beta*y)*beta^4 + 96*sin(2*beta*y)*beta^4 ;


As Tom Leslie said any two of the sums on the lhs give solution except x and y together.  Both x and z and y and z provide solutions.  (Not trying to be cryptic, trying to be fast).  Something about adding the third which Maple has trouble, is it the y portion?  What if we separated the exp into something else?

@Joe Riel - ok I see, thanks. 

@Acer - thanks, I know you can't change the votes.  I mean what you found probably caused that person to remove his vote.  However that would be the only caveat with my method using macro. 

I don't believe I've ever seen anyone ever use macro before (*edit actually I found one other - but I don't see it often).

hmm, I did see an upvote, looks like you've altered his vote.  Unfortunately I didn't think about names going global.  Can it be fixed?  Does it work otherwise?

@acer to get around your p*v problem use parse and convert to string. 

The issue Acer presented below can be solved by converting to string and parsing.



                           2    2
                          a  + b








So Maple see's that v^2 has the value of a^2+b^2 but any variables that create v^2 are not linked to the macro v^2 (funny that v*v produces a^2+b^2 but p*v with p=v does not.  Is there anyway to link it?

Employing delayed evaluation would work here


@acer you are correct.  At first I thought it's what I wanted.  The macro would be missing some functionality that I might wish it to have. 


@Kitonum I understand the names idea (thanks) but it is not what I want.  My additional concepts answer above better explains what I would like.

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