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Thanks nm and Acer, exactly what I needed.

As Acer mentioned, you should post your worksheet. 

2020.0 hmm, not what I thought.  Ok, I don't have Linux so I'm stuck there.  I have tried many variations of the with statement to try to duplicate your error and so far I cannot.  Please upload a worksheet. 

Can you load any package using with?  If not and you get other errors, I suspect your Maple version is corrupt.

Let us know what version you have and we can narrow it down even further.  Likely as Rouben mentioned a typo.

I had initially populated the Wikipedia page with Maple versions history as far as I could go since it just wasn't there, I believe someone else added more to it and then someone removed it from the page and I brought it back I think there was a tug and pull war of keeping it and removing it anyways luckily it has stayed since. 

I'm not sure why Maplesoft doesn't keep exact timings of it's own product, the Dec 6, 1999 Maple 6 date is correct, Maplesoft rounded that date up to a more general time.  Maplesoft did some house cleaning 8 or 9 years ago when they changed out for new servers and possibly new staff, so a lot of that info may have been lost and the only information that far back would have come from loyal die hard users. 

I agree, Maplesoft should at least have it's own product history complete.

@Scot Gould True.  It seems like the number of cases and deaths have plateaued but neither rising nor falling from the plateau.  For new cases, just a continual 30,000 new case increases per day background noise, and for deaths around 2000 new deaths per day.  I guarantee a larger increase when the U.S. starts easing off restrictions but we won't see that until about a week later.


@acer subs(%=1/100,c)


I never delete a duplicate.  It's possible someone deleted one duplicate and someone else deleted the other. 

It's up to Mapleprimes moderators at Maplesoft now to reserect one of the deleted duplicates. 

@acer I tried all sorts of combinations projection in front or behind orientation many times both <enter> and !!! , I could not get it to fail.  I am using 2019.0.  So although I didn't test my suggestion carefully enough, I would never have disproved my discovery that display worked flalessly. 

Thanks for the in depth analysis.

It seems we can also avoid the issue if we use the commands outside of plot3d and instead within the display command. 
a := plot3d(x*y, x = 0 .. 10, y = 0 .. 10):


Is this fixed in Maple 2018, 2019, 2020?

Just noticing some behaviour I never noticed before.  I'm using Maple 18 with large datasets plotted.  In windows if I minimize the window, the memory used by Maple.exe is instantly reduced from say 768 Mb down to 15 Mb.  Maximizing Maple, the memory use starts jumping up again.  So I realize, I think, this is a graphics memory display issue. 

restart;gc(): doesn't really release the memory until you delete the plots from your display.  Again, now this behaviour is in Maple 18 on my older system, with a feeble graphics card. 

Also a noted point.  Maple 12 displays the graphics much faster than Maple 18.  I think I recall a programming code change occurred from Maple 12 to Maple 13 - and I believe the change was how the graphics were drawn. 

But, more a curiousity is how some of these animation graphics can quickly consume maple memory up to 1Gb really fast.  To draw the graphics at that level does it really have to be done with all that fine detail?

I wonder if it's a a value needing to be set diferently, or a windows setting or a firefox setting.  I'm using Maple 18 on Windows XP. 

Can someone with Maple 18 let me know if the code works on their machine?

It executes but I don't get 0 after DL().  Thanks for the code, this is what I get after execution.


I guess it has something?  But it didn't write the file ( I changed the location to another folder on my drive)

I've noticed the question has been reinstated however the contents of the answer have yet to be populated.

Hm, looks like the user had 0 points.  I searched for his user name in users to no avail - looks like his account may have been labelled as spam for some reason and got wiped.  Any new people if I see them that have 0 points and ask a legitimate math / maple question I try to give them a vote.

The question now is who did it and why?

Partially figured it out.  Add the option verify=false.

a := URL:-Get("", verify = false)

@Axel That should work for the address you gave me as well.

edit added - Sadly Axel it only works for the RAW location in github.  Get the same error on the other address locations.

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