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@John Fredsted nice coding but do you mean to write,


Using the code you provide we get this error

So Flatten is required.

@Markiyan Hirnyk .. Cryptography comes to mind.

@vv can you explain the reasoning for this part of the code?  What's the purpose for b?

**edit added**

removing b and modifying the piecewise(r<p,[3,0],r>p[0,3],[1,1]) alleviates the problem of 0 rated teams making it into the knockout round. 

WORLD CUP 2026 will have 48 teams - 16 groups of 3.  Each team playing each other once means they only play two games.  So theoretically all teams in all the groups could all end up with 3 points each meaning there will be a lot of tie breaking decisions to be made. 

Now that we're almost halfway through the group stage a four teams have already been knocked out.

Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Peru

However setting those teams ratings to zero in the simulation, they still somehow manage to make it to the knockout round (albeit a small one).  How can I adjust the code to make their probability of making the knockout round zero?

Forecasting with DeepLearning in Maple would at least be an interesting exercise. 

One last irrelevant comment, lots of headlines saying ran 1 million simulations with Brazil winning the world cup.  Well this is no surprise, all one needs to do is look at the ELO ratings since most simulations are based on those numbers.  I'll bet most of those simulations have Germany loosing to Brazil in the final and Spain beating France for third place.  With Argentina, Portugal, England and Belgium loosing in the quaterfinals.

I think just about any sports game is rather unpredictable.  However I think the only sport where the referee has the most influence in the game is soccer.  Simply because there's only one referee making most of the decisions - any other sport has multiple referees, so it somewhat hinges on who's side the referee is on.  The other aspect is who is tripped legitimately or puposefully dives.  It's a game that players can trick the referee. 

That being aside, most of the simulations run put Brazil at 2:1 odds over Germany.  That would be an interesting final and would be great to see Brazil get back at Germany for the semifinal loss they gave them last world cup. 

@Markiyan Hirnyk , Why do you think deep learning would be of any use here? 

@Christopher2222 Couple of fixes to update the statistics part of it. 

Only issue now is the physical size of the flags - with WC2 I fixed some of the flags with smaller data, easy to fix when I have time I can update it tomorrow.  Enjoy!

@vv ok thanks missed Morocco.  Ok with some adjustments I have got it working, whether it's working correctly I have yet to see. 

Here's what I have.

@Markiyan Hirnyk  yes, trying to adapt it to the 2018 world cup.

@Markiyan Hirnyk no problems, It just doesn't contain the group stage, only the final 16.  vv implemented that in his eurocup simulation. 

@Markiyan Hirnyk I know those posts and vv has answered the eurocup to excellent quality.  I am only trying to extend it to the World cup 2018 (which has not been done or asked yet).   I just haven't been able to decipher his coding yet.

There is a Mma translator which translates Mathematica code to Maple code.  I believe you will have to go to Mathematica to get a Maple translator into Mathematica.   

There might be a few people here who use Mathematica enough to help you with a conversion, and similarily there might be a few people on the mathematica forum to help you with a Maple translation. 

It sounds like you want a general conversion application, unfortunately one most likely needs to take care of the conversions one by one. Please provide the worksheet you want translated if you would like to get started.

It is in my Maple startup, but strangely it's never appeared there in previous versions of Maple.  I leave the startup Maple as is, so it always opens the startup file.  The only thing I do when opening Maple is open a new worksheet and close the startup file, I should probably just remove it from the startup.  However it's only just now I've realized showing up in the recent documents list.  Just wondering if that was a software change or fix?

ImportMatrix won't work using HTTP:-Get in my case. 

But it looks like String surgery is the only way with Maple 18. 

For interest and programming sakes, how can you get this to work in Maple12?  HTTP returns nothing.  Anyone?

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