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@acer ok that makes sense, not really a bug then.  Also the fact that referenced labels aren't affected in the worksheet during a change makes it not so critical an issue. 

@Ramakrishnan Yes it appears using crtl + = does not produce an equation label and enter will. 

I don't see anything wrong with that unless you intend to use an unlabelled equation for later, you won't be able to reference it since it will not be labelled by using the crtl + =

Alternatively having some labels show and others not (but still being referenced) .. hmm doesn't seem to work. I had just thought by creating two tables and have one of the tables properties show equation labels unchecked it would work, however it removes reference to any equation.  My workaround solution may have inadvertantly stumbled on a bug. 


@Rouben Rostamian  I would mostly agree with you that a change in font style, bold or color would be enough.  On the other hand, a subtle change in font may not be enough to notice, and a color change or bold change may be too much.  Underline might be enough just to maybe point out something to the researcher but not too much of a standout.  I found one example where someone used underlined text in some of the x labels.  Probably more of a matter of taste or opinion.  I don't mean to argue the point, I'm just putting an example out there.  The underline works good here to just subtly point out certain markers.

It seems the cutoff point for 0 is 499





Matix does the same thing if you first create it with variables

                             m:= [ a  b ]

                  [ 3  4]




@Markiyan Hirnyk The Generate PDF on Mapleprimes is not yet a quality command.  It doesn't yet work well.

ps. I could not find the quality feature on Mathematica either.  I looked under Edit->preferences but couldn't see it under any of the system settings. 

I realize it's not too elegant but it works (note this is regarding the sorting of the books and not grouping without sorting).  The loop increases the total number of pages by 1 until a solution with 3 options is found. 

for i to 20 while nops(BinPacking1D(i+1265, [[116, 1], [139, 1], [189, 1], [208, 1], [282, 1], [471, 1], [724, 1], [782, 1], [885, 1]])) > 3 do  end do; BinPacking1D(i+1265, [[116, 1], [139, 1], [189, 1], [208, 1], [281, 1], [471, 1], [724, 1], [782, 1], [885, 1]])




@Kitonum , I think the proc could be modified slightly to make it work.  The simplest way being something like, If nops(BinPacking1d)>3 then increase Size by 1 until nops(BinPacking1d) =3.  Maybe not the most efficient but a quick mod to make the existing proc work.

If we make the answer equal to eq, we can use op to extract them
eq:= ``((x^2+1)/exp(x))*``(y^3/exp(y))*``(-1)



@acer ok, thanks Acer.  So before it didn't matter if the Array had attributes or not but now it looks like it does require them.

@Karen I guess that means zero chance of it being fixed in Maple 2017 then?  Good that it's looked after.

Well this is interesting ..

I suppose the evalf(convert(2.59/3.7),fraction) is a workaround.


parse(`2.59/3.7`)   #parse is also an alternative for a workaround


I've always used Firefox never had a problem except in the past it has been slow but it's much faster now.  Some days, recently, it's been very quick.  Today is no exception, seems quick right now for me.  I'm using Firefox quantum 64 bit version 57.0.2.  I think Firefox updated to quantum a couple of months ago - ironically I didn't notice it being any faster.  Even before quantum, mapleprimes at some times was fast, and then on and off it's been fast and back to normal which I like to refer to as being the slow days of the past - not painfully slow, but just not quick.  Could be my internet connection but it's pretty quick.

Sometimes it's tough to avoid a title that might be percieved by others as not being legitimate, which is why it's important to skim the content before making a snap decision. 

Looks like it's off by 1/2

Ah, I didn't realize typsetting level changed.

Maple 2017.1  Build 1238644 Typesetting level=Extended
Maple 2016.1  Build 1132667 Typesetting level=Maple Standard

..and thanks for the explanations although 2017 changing to Maple standard produces output b:= without the () while 2016 just produces a blank line.  Not a problem, but was perplexed as to why the behavior changed.

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