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Is it understanding the proof?

That is are you trying to understand why   ( A*B mod N ) = (A mod N)*(B mod N) mod N    ?


Indeed a chemical theme might have been more fun.  Now that you mention a vision chart it looks almost exactly that.  The font certainly looks the same as those eye test charts, I should have initially made it into the block characters the Boggle game has. 

I will think of something more chemistry or nuclear physics related for my next project. This one was rather light.

@acer ok yes I edited the file in wordpad and recovered some of the information. But it looks like the file was corrupted or something, after some point the letters wMDA repeated over and over and over, so I selected and resaved everything up to that point.  That recovers most of the information.  I did have some information that was lost.  I can probably recall what it was but I'll try to recover it first,  It's nothing mathematically important, just something fun I was playing around with.

Currently I'm replacing all instances of wMDA with nothing using Wordpad, it has been running for 15 minutes now.  I'm restricted to 2 hours right now but I'll be able to run it overnight later on if I need to.  Maybe there's a faster way than using wordpad?

@Lali_miani curiously you must be using Maple 6 applications from the application center to have to need Maple 6. 

Maplesoft won't have that version anymore and it's not supported so you can't/won't be able to get it from them .. you could ask but most likely it will be unavailable.  Only a few long time Maple users will still have a copy of Maple 6 available.

@Mikhail Drugov .. as a text object, no.  All text objects stay positioned horizontally.  There are ways around that but not with textplot.

@Alex Bowden  .. As you were typing in your equation, didn't you get the memo?   Maple throws an indication to ask you whether you want to multiply or use it as a function. 

By continuing, you made it a function and of course you know how functions work.  Maple was smart enough to know to flag you if you wanted one or the other but didn't know which one (it can't read your mind ..yet) and so apparently defaults to one of them in which case happens to always be a function.

I can't think of an example where one types an equation in brackets multiplied by something else in brackets and expects it to be a function, so I see where your confusion is. 

@Kitonum funny, I tried this and the order remained the same.  I'm using 2017.1 Windows 7 64 bit standard interface.

I have to do this to get it to work

A := (``-cos(theta)+1)*z^2+cos(theta)

**edit added** well that was strange, your solution works now.

**edit added part2** nope, it doesn't I edited the A with `` when I was foolishly copying thinking I was copying from your code from the internet.  So no unfortunately your code won't work without using ``

@acer ok that makes sense, not really a bug then.  Also the fact that referenced labels aren't affected in the worksheet during a change makes it not so critical an issue. 

@Ramakrishnan Yes it appears using crtl + = does not produce an equation label and enter will. 

I don't see anything wrong with that unless you intend to use an unlabelled equation for later, you won't be able to reference it since it will not be labelled by using the crtl + =

Alternatively having some labels show and others not (but still being referenced) .. hmm doesn't seem to work. I had just thought by creating two tables and have one of the tables properties show equation labels unchecked it would work, however it removes reference to any equation.  My workaround solution may have inadvertantly stumbled on a bug. 


@Rouben Rostamian  I would mostly agree with you that a change in font style, bold or color would be enough.  On the other hand, a subtle change in font may not be enough to notice, and a color change or bold change may be too much.  Underline might be enough just to maybe point out something to the researcher but not too much of a standout.  I found one example where someone used underlined text in some of the x labels.  Probably more of a matter of taste or opinion.  I don't mean to argue the point, I'm just putting an example out there.  The underline works good here to just subtly point out certain markers.

It seems the cutoff point for 0 is 499





Matix does the same thing if you first create it with variables

                             m:= [ a  b ]

                  [ 3  4]




@Markiyan Hirnyk The Generate PDF on Mapleprimes is not yet a quality command.  It doesn't yet work well.

ps. I could not find the quality feature on Mathematica either.  I looked under Edit->preferences but couldn't see it under any of the system settings. 

I realize it's not too elegant but it works (note this is regarding the sorting of the books and not grouping without sorting).  The loop increases the total number of pages by 1 until a solution with 3 options is found. 

for i to 20 while nops(BinPacking1D(i+1265, [[116, 1], [139, 1], [189, 1], [208, 1], [282, 1], [471, 1], [724, 1], [782, 1], [885, 1]])) > 3 do  end do; BinPacking1D(i+1265, [[116, 1], [139, 1], [189, 1], [208, 1], [281, 1], [471, 1], [724, 1], [782, 1], [885, 1]])




@Kitonum , I think the proc could be modified slightly to make it work.  The simplest way being something like, If nops(BinPacking1d)>3 then increase Size by 1 until nops(BinPacking1d) =3.  Maybe not the most efficient but a quick mod to make the existing proc work.

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