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I did some searching and didn't find an answer to another issue I'm having: I thought typing out a greek letter name was the same as using the symbol from the palette, but I guess they are different? In my .mpl file that I read in, I only have the ascii name as an option, but in document mode, I want to be able to use the symbol. Is there a way to make this work, so I can use symbols and not get zero in the derivative?

Thanks much for the help.

@acer Ok, now I understand why I got the results I did, the x is a literal x and not a wildcard. Your same answers apply to the document mode with a read statement. I couldn't attach the .mpl file because MaplePrimes wouldn't let me. But, it just has the same lines that you posted without the restart; line.

`print/sin` := proc(t) ':-s'(t); end proc:
`print/cos` := proc(t) ':-c'(t); end proc:
(s,c) := sin,cos:



My only remaining questions are why it gave the error message and then why it stopped giving the error message. It's the "(s,c):=sin,cos:" line that generated the error. I found this from entering in one line at a time in Document mode.

@acer doing some more testing with your posted solution in 2023.0, resulted in more questions (and an opportunity to learn :-)

Equations (1) and (2) look good. Why is (3) zero? Why is (4) incorrect while (5) is correct?

Also, when I try this in Document mode, I get an error. Why would this be?

I got the same error when I used a "read" with the code in a text file. But now, after trying it a few times without changing anything, it does not give an error message. Does anyone know how this could be?

@acer that's helpful to know about and I appreciate your explaination. I have not needed 1D export and didn't think of it for this. But, who knows, I may need it at some point, and so it's good to know about the alternate means of compact notation without using alias.

@acer I'm curious to understand your preference to not use alias. Is there a dawback to using it?

Thanks much for the help!

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