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How can I make a function from the results of equation (4) in the below image from the attached file? As seen in equation (6) my attempt at doing this didn't work because it didn't evaluate to a number like equation (7) did.

I saw posts on using numeric results from solve, but I don't see how to use the equation results to make a function of x.

At the end of 2021, Mathematica added capability for integration:

Trying this in Maple, it does not look like it can solve it:

My questions are then, is there a way to get Maple to solve this? Does Maplesoft actively work on solving more integral types and is it likely support for this integral will be added at some point?

So that computed results do not take up many lines in Euler transforms and in various tensor math, how can I present the sine and cosine functions in Maple with this compact form:

  • sin(x(t)) = s(x) or sx
  • cos(x(t)) = c(x) or cx

The input and computed output of symbolic calculations equations needs to be output in this compact notation. Derivatives with the compact notation are understood to be function of time.

Here is an example implimentation in Mathematica:

Matricies Rx and Ry are similarly defined and the dot product can be computed:

Here's example derivative:

Any help or pointers on this is appreciated. I'm new on Maple Primes and am not sure how to find out if this is already posted somewhere.



Is there documentation that tells about what the dollar sign means and how to manage it. It just appears in recent releases and it didn't used to in older releases. It is distracting and seems to appear randomly.


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