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@Kitonum Another good lesson from you!

I did not know that a double quote preceding an indeterminate causes it to be treated as a symbol only, i.e. not evaluated.

Is this feature mentioned anywhere in Maple help?

@Mariusz Iwaniuk Thank you. It seems Maple's DiffTutor invokes Maple's ShowSolution command. This will come in handy for future explanations.

@Kitonum Thank you for informing me of Maple's ShowSolution command. It will come in handy for future explanations.

@Carl Love I find your hint of taking the log of both sides of y(x) to be a simpler (clearer) route to the final derivative than the steps given by Maple's Student aids.  

@Joe Riel Thanks for this advice.

@Carl Love Thanks to you (and the quite dense Maple help) I now have at least a rudimentary understanding of the meaning of specfunc and I now understand the output of my statements E, F and G.

And thank you for the hint of using applyop in place of subsop and for your kind offer of further help with any future question I may have in using specfunc.


@Carl Love Thank you. New Maple info always helps.

@vv Thank you once again for adding to both my Maple and math knowledge. 

BTW, the construction U^+ gives an " invalid power" error message in my Maple 2016. I changed this to Transpose(U).

@Carl Love I hope the uploaded worksheet is the kind of example you desire. If not I can copy and paste the code in a reply.


@Carl Love I have reposted OnionExtended without the reference to my personal library and fully executed with plots inline rather than in windows. I hope you can access it. I'll also do this in future uploaded worksheets.


@Kitonum Your excellent replies and posts often inspire me to interesting modifications


@Kitonum in Maple 2016:-


plot3d([op(permute([x, 1, y])[1 .. 3]), op(permute([x, 0, y])[1 .. 3])], x = 0 .. 1, y = 0 .. 1, color = [green, red, RGB(1, 0, 4), blue, grey, gold], style = surface)

@acer Your intimate knowledge of the internal workings of Maple in its various evolutions is both amazing and invaluable and I do enjoy your extended explanation.

Thank you for pursuing my query to its successful conclusion.

Perhaps this incident should convince me to buy each new year's edition of Maple!

@acer Thanks for your rapid reply. However in your worksheet the same error I originally encountered reappears when the explore command is executed, namely;

Error, (in type/satisfies) invalid input: type expects 2 arguments, but received 5

Clicking on this error message brings up a display of "There is no help for this error".

Is the error repeating because your worksheet is in a version of Maple later than my Maple 2016?

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