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@Carl Love I find your hint of taking the log of both sides of y(x) to be a simpler (clearer) route to the final derivative than the steps given by Maple's Student aids.  

@Joe Riel Thanks for this advice.

@Carl Love Thanks to you (and the quite dense Maple help) I now have at least a rudimentary understanding of the meaning of specfunc and I now understand the output of my statements E, F and G.

And thank you for the hint of using applyop in place of subsop and for your kind offer of further help with any future question I may have in using specfunc.


@Carl Love Thank you. New Maple info always helps.

@vv Thank you once again for adding to both my Maple and math knowledge. 

BTW, the construction U^+ gives an " invalid power" error message in my Maple 2016. I changed this to Transpose(U).

@Carl Love I hope the uploaded worksheet is the kind of example you desire. If not I can copy and paste the code in a reply.


@Carl Love I have reposted OnionExtended without the reference to my personal library and fully executed with plots inline rather than in windows. I hope you can access it. I'll also do this in future uploaded worksheets.


@Kitonum Your excellent replies and posts often inspire me to interesting modifications


@Kitonum in Maple 2016:-


plot3d([op(permute([x, 1, y])[1 .. 3]), op(permute([x, 0, y])[1 .. 3])], x = 0 .. 1, y = 0 .. 1, color = [green, red, RGB(1, 0, 4), blue, grey, gold], style = surface)

@acer Your intimate knowledge of the internal workings of Maple in its various evolutions is both amazing and invaluable and I do enjoy your extended explanation.

Thank you for pursuing my query to its successful conclusion.

Perhaps this incident should convince me to buy each new year's edition of Maple!

@acer Thanks for your rapid reply. However in your worksheet the same error I originally encountered reappears when the explore command is executed, namely;

Error, (in type/satisfies) invalid input: type expects 2 arguments, but received 5

Clicking on this error message brings up a display of "There is no help for this error".

Is the error repeating because your worksheet is in a version of Maple later than my Maple 2016?

@tomleslie Here are renamed versions of the worksheets which you couldn't access. Good luck!




@tomleslie I converted the following worksheet from 2D to 1D math. Download_search.mw and Download_search2.mw failed to find the 2D version and found the 1D version.



Almost all of my worksheets are written in 2D math. Is there any code in Maple which can find specific text within them?

@acer Thanks for your information.

My worksheets are all written in 2D input.

Please see my reply to tomleslie below.

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