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These are questions asked by Earl

I am interested in the AC circuits which control electric motor performance.

I have installed the Syrup package, written by Joseph Riel, from the Application Centre but it seems to draw and solve only DC powered circuits.

Does Syrup have AC circuit capability?

If not, is there any available package written in Maple which can draw and analyse AC circuits, preferably one in which the circuit can be constructed by clicking circuit elements in an palette and dragging them to a canvas?

Finally, if there is no such Maple package, can you point me to an equivalent, free package which is downloadable from the internet? 

The uploaded worksheet contains a contourplot whose display I can't understand. Can you explain it?


The uploaded worksheet contains two examples of the use of VectorCalculus[VectorSpace]. The first example seems explicable but the second does not.

I have tried and failed to find a full, clear explanation of how a vector describing a simple vector, spacecurve, or surface in the default vector space is transformed to appear in a user defined vector space.

Can anyone direct me to such an explanation, so that I can understand Maple's processing within the uploaded worksheet and enable me to use this Maple feature to future advantage?


This worksheet plots the non-overlapped images of two spheres, but plotted procedure p fails to successfully pass the choice of color to the implicitplot3d command.

How can this be accompished?


The uploaded worksheet contains an apparently unsolvable ode.

Please see the text in the worksheet for a description of the problem.


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