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@Joe Riel Thank you, it work really great :)

Can i get your name to add it into my paper as my respect :)

Again thank you alot :)

@Joe Riel Thank you very much, i fixed my problem :)

@acer Before read your post, i wrote a small Algorithim, and here is my Proc based on that algorithim:

khoitao := proc (f, var)

  local i, h, g1, g2, g;

h := collect([op(collect(expand(f), var, factor))], var);

for i to nops(h) do

g := f-h[i]; g1 := solve(h[i] = -a, var); g2 := subs(a = g, g1);

print(g2) end do

end proc

still need to be update more, hope you can help me fix it.

Try with



>x = 1/2 tan(x)

  x = arctan(2 x)

But there is still got some problems try with f:=x^2-2x+1 to see.

Hope you can help me fix it.

Thank for your great work.

@Kitonum I need it give me to root like this:



But thank you for your answer.

@Feenix It is work extremely well :D My typo!

sorry you! with all respect!

@Carl Love 

Thank for your code! Can i help your name to add it into my Paper?

With all respect!

Nguyen Quoc Anh


@Thomas Richard My account is root already


Here you are.

@Thomas Dean 

Here is it located. Inded, if i type wrong place how Maple 2015 start these thing?


@Carl Love I dont know how to thank you. 

The best Wishes and the best Respect from me.


With all respect.

Please send me your real name to add it into my book.


@Carl Love Here is what I have done: 


Hope you can help

with all respect.



@Carl Love I wrote it from 2008 u sing Maple V it is a really long time to remmember what i did.


@Carl Love f is function of x, y, z var and k is just a number.


@Feenix Use showstat to see code of proc you want to see in this file. 

@Carl Love Here is the full program, it is really long and complex. But it will be easy for you to fix.


With all respect.

Hope you can help me fix my program.

I just update from Maple 16 to Maple 2015.1 and cant rung my program well anymore. :(

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