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Hi friends, I have a problem. From a given number 'k' I want to generate a string 's' with the first naturals before the number k. Like this:

k := 5;

s := "01234";

I want to use the above in the following command:


Thank you.


Hi friends, I have a set of polynomials, 'a', and I want to calculate the product of all possible combinations by taking 3 elements at a time. Like this:

a := {x+1,x+2,x^2+1,x^2+x+2}

I have a larger 'a' set so I was looking for a simple method to perform these operations.
Thank you.

Hello friends,

I'm trying to get the exact result from the following operation:

I'm getting:

for i=0,

for i=1,

for i=2,

I want to get:

for i=0, 1

for i=1, -1/2 + sqrt(3)/2 i

for i=2, -1/2 - sqrt(3)/2 i

Thanks for the light.

Hello friends,

I have an image in black and white and I wanted to compute and plot the intensity distribution histogram of it. So I did it with the command PlotHistogram, here's the output:

> PlotHistogram(Lena, 256)

I established the number of buckets to 256 but I don't see them at the x-asis, and I would like to see them for clarity as I don't understand the scale that is used by default. Could you help me achieve this and maybe also understand the scale used by default?

Thanks a lot.

Hi friends!

I have the following problem.

I'm trying to generate a matrix given a certain lenght n and a polynomial g(x) of degree r as follows:

If n=10, g(x)=x^4+3x^3+x^2+2x+1 and r=degree(g(x))=4, then the resulting matrix will be






i.e. a matrix with 10 columns, n-r=6 lines, and whose inputs are the coefficients of the polynomial, as follows:

Any help will be very appreciated.

Thank you!

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