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Hi Everyone,

I would like to convert a netlist to a ladder schematic by using Draw (Syrup). So far I have tried combinations of &+ and &// and have not achieved the correct result. Please help.

capnet:= "
V  1 0 1
L  1 2 1
C1 2 3 2uF 
C2 2 4 3uF
C3 4 3 1uF
C4 4 5 1.5uF
C5 3 5 2.5uF
C6 3 0 3.5uF
C7 5 0 0.5uF

ckt:= [ V(1), L(1), C1(2.8E-6),
         C2(3.E-6),  C3(1.E-6),
         C4(1.5E-6), C5(2.5E-6) &+ C6(3.5E-6)


Hi Maple Users,

Microsoft is enticing me to upgrade to Windows 11 from 10 for free. I am a bit hesitant because I don't know if Maple 2021 will continue working as well as in Windows 10. Does anyone have any thoughts or wisdom to share.

Thank you.


Is there a way to change the font type and size when printing a table of data using DocumentTools:-Tabulate? Also can I change the column width?


I was wondering why each time solve is executed, I get a different of number of solutions and can I specify the number of solutions?


Thanks so much for taking time to answering this question.


Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .

I don't way the above error happened. But here is my worksheet below.



How do I setup solve to find only the real and imaginary part of Zeta to be both positive and the real part of Zeta to be the smallest positive value? For example: real part = 1.348412872 and imaginary part = 0.04230725448.

Acceleration ratio (db) and phase (deg). Convert ratio to linear and phase to radian. 
dat := <14.52407334|-162.1310124>:
A := 10^(dat[1]/20.):
phi := dat[2]*Pi/180.:
R:= 0.3036:
Characteristic equation Eqn 5
f := (Zeta,A,phi) -> cos(Zeta) - R * Zeta * sin(Zeta) - exp(-phi * I)/A:

soln := [solve(f(Zeta,A,phi), Zeta)]:

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