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As an exercise to find the solution of this equation,

         (a^(x+2))^(1/3)  =  (a^(x-5))^(1/2)

Maple 14 and 15 provide no answer, which preceding releases found to be x = 19,

but complain about a "numeric exception: division by zero"!

     Is that progress with Maple?

int(sqrt(1 + sec(x)^2), x)

int(sqrt(2 + tan(x)^2), x)

With Maple 13, which is the latest version on the computer on which I tested these integrals (that originated with a

senior scientist in Australia), the former yields a reasonably compact answer, but the latter yields an extensive

output containing Elliptic functions of various kinds.  The two integrands are trigonometric identities.  What is the

problem here?


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