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I am not very familiar with maple but have a problem that is probably very easy for an expert. I have the coordinates of three variables, but no specific function of it. I want to create a 3d graph with these coordinates but do not know how. I have done it before with a specific function, but do not know how to do it with solely the coordinates, I work with Maple 12. Could somebody please help me, it is very important for me! thanks in advance,

Hi, I have plotted an implicit 3d plot of an extensive equation into maple, but the particular equation represents a treshold, as it is calculated as the difference between two equations. Which means that everything below the graph represents the case were equation one is bigger than equation two and everything above the graph the opposite. Now by changing the parameters held constant before, I would like to make clear what happens to the chance that one equation is bigger than the other. So to come to the point, is it possible to calculate the surface below and above a certain graph?

I have implemented an economic model into Maple with the objection to plot a 3d graph from the final equation in order to visualize the effects these three parameters have on each other. But I don't no how to do it. Here is the equation I want to plot;

The_equation := [-(u+delta)*[(1-`c`)*(`c`-`c2h`-`t`)]+[(1-u)*(1-`q`^2)*[1/((4-`q`^2)*(1-`q`^2))]^2*[(2-`q`^2)*(`theta`-c2l-`t`)+[-`q`*(1-`c`)]]^2-(1-u)*(1-`q`^2)*([1/((4-`q`^2)*(1-`q`^2))]*[(2-`q`^2)*(`theta`-`c2h`-`t`)]+[-`q`*(1-`c`)])^2]]

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