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Hi, This is my 1st try with Antiderivatiives using Maple 12 Student Edition. These statements work fine and the answers are the same as the book. int(15*x^4-cos(x)+5, x); int(8*x^3+Pi*cos(Pi*x), x); but the below doesn't work. Maple just repeats it with the Integral symbol before it and 'dx' after it. by hand the answer is 3x^(5/3)+x^(3/5)+C. int(5*(x^2)^(1/3)+3/(5*(x^2)^(1/5)), x); thanks
hi, if i run the below statements, the last 2 cause Maple 12 Student Edition to chug along for a minute then generate a very long answer, like a page worth. it's like it can't figure out the answer and dumps a bunch of garbage. all i am trying to do is a 2nd derivative. restart; dist := t-> sqrt((-27-(60+23*sin(t))*t/sqrt(2))^2+(-11*t+(60+23*sin(t))*t/sqrt(2))^2); 'dist(t)' = dist(t); Ddist := D(dist); 'Ddist(23/60)' = evalf(Ddist(23/60)); tmax := fsolve((D(Ddist))(t), t = 0 .. 1); 'Ddist(tmax)' = evalf(Ddist(tmax));
hi, i'm using an existing Maple mws that was created by some unknow version of Maple. the Maple text is show below, and the old result is the last line (0.28031703) restart; T := ->(1/8)*sqrt(x^2+225)+(1/3)*sqrt((20-x)^2+625); dT := D(T); solve(dT(x) = 0, x); evalf(%); Sols := %; Xbest := Sols[1]; solve(25/(20-x) = 15./x, x); T(%)-T(Xbest) 0.28031703 when i run in with Maple 12 Student Edition, the result I get is 11.41326364-(1/8)*sqrt(13.51659367[1]^2+225)-(1/3)*sqrt(1025-40*13.51659367[1]+13.51659367[1]^2)
i have Maple 12 Student edition. when i do a 5th intergration, and eval at Pi, i get a complex answer. how would i get it to display a rational answer ? h := t-> (1+t^3*cos(t))^(1/5); ((D@@5)(h))(Pi); evalf(%); simplify(%); -.1245723200-0.905070854e-1*I D1 := D(h); D2 := D(D1); D3 := D(D2); D4 := D(D3); D5 := D(D4):fsolve(D5(Pi)); -.1245723200-0.9050708540e-1*I thanks
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