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Hi Dears,

I installed Maple 15 and 18 on my PC. But, when I want to use the PolyhedralSets package the following error is appeared. Is this package only on Maple 2015?


With the bests.


Hi Dears,

Let us consider the following polyhedral cone which is defined by 8 inequalities (also, x,y,z ≥0): 

1. y-z ≥0

2. 3y-2z ≥0

3. 2y-2z ≥0

4. x-2y+z ≥0

5. x-y ≥0

6. 2x-y ≥0

7. x-z ≥0

8. x+y-z ≥0. 

How can we deduce that the inequalities 3 and 4 may be define this polyhedral cone and the others are redundant?

How can remove the redundant inequalities for defining this polyhedral cone?

Is there any Maple command or function that recive these 8 inequalities and return inequalities 3 and 4? In fact, inequalities 3 and 4 are facets of this polyhedral cone. 


Thank you in advanced. 

Sincerely yours

Hi Dears,

I know "randpoly" command of Maple and I need to generate some random polynomials with parametric coefficients. For this I used this command for input set {a,b,c,d,x,y,z,w} which {a,b,c,d} are parameters and {x,y,z,w} are variables. But, the generated polynomials were not interestting. For example, some polynomials such as $(a-b)xy+(c^2-a)x*y*z-a*b+(d-1)z^2w$ are interested for me. In fact, difference parametric coefficients is important. 

Could you please help me to generate them?

Sincerely yours 

Hi Dears,

I studied the concept of Grobner bases and some algorithm for computing them. I understood that the computation of grobner bases is related to the term ordering. Also, I knew that LEX ordering is very expensive. So, it is good idea to use the Grobner basis conversion algorithms such as FGLM and Grobner walk algorithm. Now, I want to know concerning the complexity of these algorithm (Buchbergers algorithm, F4 and F5 algorithm, FGLM algorithm and Grobner walk). I hope my question be appropriate in this site,

Thank you in advance.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi dears,

How can I draw the solution of the following 3d linear inequalities in Maple?

A:={-x-y+3*z >= 0, -x+2*y >= 0, 3*x-2*y-z >= 0, x > 0, y > 0, z > 0}

I am looking forward to hearing from you

Sincerely yours.


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