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Here is a possibly stupid one: I have written a couple of help files for a package I am developing. As things go; I want to update one. In the help system it tells me to edit the .mw file that i used to write the page in the first place, which I did. But then I am supposed to "Save to Database" from the Help menu.

But... there is no entry to "Save to Database..." in any menu; help or otherwise. Not even in the help system. So I am stuck with an edited help page that I cannot get to ...

Hi, is there any sane way to incorporate Maple 2-D output in PowerPoint, 2004 in my case (and 2004 does not support MathML, I believe)? Preferably I'd copy from Maple and Paste into ppt. I have not been able to make that work.

The pedestrian way right now for me is to use Grab and take a screen shot of the expressions. Not a nice way...


Mac Dude

I was using "eliminate" to combine a set of equations removing some variables and getting a clearly wrong result. So I looked at the docs and the first example, and I find I don't understand its result either. Here is the example:

sol:=eliminate( {x^2+y^2-1=0, x^3-y^2*x+x*y-3=0}, x); # eliminate x from this set & leave one eqn of y

This returns:

I have a somewhat time-consuming numerical integration which is needed for many different parameters so I'd like to parallelize the various integrations. Threads:-Seq should be just the ticket for this; so I write:


The functions S and rangeexp are defined thus:


Likely has been asked before, but I cannot find the answer:

I have a table with a good number of entries, all of them indexed by strings. I'd like to sort the table by ascending index (i.e. alphabetically A...,B... etc) before I write the result to a file. Obviously, the entries have to stay with their respective indices.


Table([B=4,C=2,A=3]); to be sorted as A=3,B=4,C=2.

The sort command in Maple works with Arrays only; I understand.

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