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This is a follow-up question to my last-name evaluation question a few days ago.

Well, I thought I had got it, but look at this trivial example involving records:









I have been grappling with the Maple concept of last name evaluation and would appreciate a more detailed explanation than is available in the Programming Guide (too brief) or the help page (confusing).

What I think I understand is this: Normally, Maple evaluates an expression fully until all assignments are resolved, leaving me with an expression having only "values" (in a generalized sense, could be strings, numbers, what have you) and "names", which are variables...

I am trying to overload the "." operator (noncommutative product) to handle objects I have implemented as records. Each record contains a matrix R and a parameter l. A.B will produce a new record where l is l_A+l_B and R is R_A.R_B, "." here being the normal matrix product (and I use LinearAlgebra:-Multiply in the body of my procedure for this). The objects A and B are of type 'Element', which I have defined (using AddType) and which works.

I implemented the procedure...

So I have this array of plots with log vertical axes. I generate it with a seq(logplot(.....)) construct and then display the whole sequence. Works like a charm...except all plots have linear scale! So I try plot(...,axis[2]=[mode=log]): works fine for direct plot but not in display. I try to add the log axis to display, like display(...axis[2]=[mode=log]): same result, linear axes.

Is plots:-display unable to produce a log plot? I can obviously plot the log(data),...

acer discussed in a recent post the effect of different array types on performance.

I have, however, a much more elementary question: Maple has a bewildering number of differing data structures: Arrays, Vectors, lists, sets, tables,... Some of these are supersets of others.

Being still on the learning curve I am building a module with definitions of certain functions or procedures I use frequently, such as to make my life easier. A lot of my stuff uses array-like...

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