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I have a data set that represents some parameters at different locations in a (linear) system. The way the data are organized is as 1-d vectors which in turn are combined into an Array. I.e. Array[1] is the first vector; Array[2] the second and so on. Each vector represents a data subset, all subsets are against a common independent variable, call it Knob. I plot one of these subsets like this:


That works fine & I can replace...

I want to create a package, lets call it Accellib. I want to be able to load it using the usual with(Accellib); construct.

So I have created a module, included the option package and right now one procedure, the name of which is exported. Within the worksheet; this works. This package will grow as more stuff gets added. I want to put it into a directory of my choice, which is NOT the directory where Maple stores the packages from its distribution; I like to keep them...

Ok, this mut have been asked a million times, but for the heck I cannot find how to do it:

I have a data file with many columns of data, delimiited, and many rows. I can read this in with ImportMatrix no sweat. The generated matrix has (row,column) format, i.e. matrix[1] is row 1 etc.

Now I want to plot two arbitrary columns against each other, say matrix[][19] vs matrix[][13] (the 19th column vs the 13. column). The data are monotonic in each vector so I can...

I have a calculation (analytic) involving sums (finite) that ends up with an expression structured like a sum over an expression with several terms, like

sum(Y(t)*cos(omega*t) + a*sin(omega*t)+b*cos(omega*t),t);

(The real case is more involved but this simple example shows the issue.)

What I want is to distribute the sum over each term separately, observing that a & b are numbers & therefore can be pulled out of the sum. Note that the expression...

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