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So I came across the conversion ability in Maple 10 (My school had some trouble with the registry, it's fixed now, so we're up to date with 10!) Anyways, so I made it convert simple statements and functions, but now my question lies in exactly how deep can this conversion functionality go? Is it possible to say write a java program and convert it into a Maplet and vice versa? I know that Maplet doesn't exactly work like a full blown computer language as alec made clear in his post on the front page, but lets say I wanted to make a window in Maplet, can I convert that from Maplet to java and
with(Maplets[Elements]): maplet := Maplet([[Label(Image("E:\\image.jpg"))], [Button("OK", Shutdown())]] ): #Maplet 2 (creates the file that it will use to pass back parameters) #fd := FileTools[Text][Open](testFile, create=true, overwrite=true); MapleCalculator:=Maplet( # inserted ( [ ["Field 1", TextField['TF1'](10)] , ["Field 2", TextField['TF2'](10)] , [Button ("Calculate", Evaluate((TF3='TF1' + 'TF2')))] # inserted ) , ["Value: ", TextField['TF3'](10)] ]): # inserted ) Maplets[Display](maplet); Maplets[Display](MapleCalculator);
So I was messing around with Maple somemore, and I got the image idea to work, now my question is, is there a timer system for Maple? I have looked at the example that Maple 9 presents to me, but it's very... very complex for what I want. You see in the example it says to use the computer clock as a form of time, and this is technically possible by using -now() command (or something like that) to determine what the time was, what time it started, and then using that to determine when to set it off... though the details are a bit fuzzy now, it is still a rather extensive way of doing a simple thing.
I've read it again... and again... and again. It's a very simple calculator program, why is this not working? > with(Maplets[Elements]): > MapleCalculator:=Maplet > [ > ["Field 1", TextField['TF1'](10)] > , > ["Field 2", TextField['TF2'](10)] > , > [Button ("Calculate", Evaluate('TF3' =('TF1' + 'TF2'))] > , > ["Value: ", "TextField['TF3'](10)] > ]: > Maplets[Display](MapleCalculator); Error, `]` unexpected
Hey guys. I seem to have hit a few nasty snags while trying to create Maplets, I wanted to ask a few questions to the guru's here to make sure I can do what I want to instead of wasting time trying to find it. First off: Can I create a GUI in which I can have tabs so that I can have multiple pages worth of actions in seperate segments. For example, I want to illustrate how to do 6 different types of questions. however I don't want EVERYTHING on one screen. Is this possible? Also, I want to create a grid like system for a circuit, given some initial input. Can I pass parameters so that when the circuit tab is pressed a frame is popped up (or another maplet), that takes in input, and passes it on to the main Maplet program?
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