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I am asking for your help, as I would like to know if it's possible to integrate a function using SI-units.

This is what I get when I try:

Copied directly:

∫10 ⟦m⟧/(⟦s⟧^(2))ⅆ⟦s⟧
Error, invalid differential
                       /      (m)                         
Typesetting:-mambiguous|int10 ----Typesetting:-mambiguous(
                       |         2                        
                       \      (s)                         

  DifferentialD(s), Typesetting:-merror("invalid differential"))|



lign1 := S*`union`(T intersect R);
                 lign1 := S (`intersect`(R, T))

lign2 := (S union T) intersect (S union R);
       lign2 := `intersect`(`union`(R, S), `union`(S, T))

verify({lign1}, {lign2});


My textbook says the expression lign1 and lign2 should be the same, but it outputs false. I suspect it's because Maple is ignoring the parenthesis in the first expression.


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