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@Carl Love thanks for your reply.

@Carl Love 

yes in mathmode, but it doesnt react.


I mean this interval here. 


But 2021 version you could use solve for this ? Without having wait up to a minut for the solution?


thanks... didn't know those commands :)


Thank you very much for your answer. What would it take make it print the range of accepted values? Could that be done using a sequence ? Or what would you surgest? 


I will try that and if the problem comes back write back here. 


I didn't check the exact MacOS version. But they looked to have mostly recent Mac machines with touchbars. 

They were trying to plot three basic polynomials similar to this. 

f(x):=-x^2 - x - 2:
g(x):= 2*x^2 - 2:
h(x):= 4*x^2 - 2*x - 8:

In plot plot([f(x),g(x),h(x)]) or plot({f(x),g(x),h(x)})

no additional packages were loaded. But a package similar to Gym is installed. 


Thanks for your answer. 

Any idea why the problem only appeared when plotting more than two graphs? in the plot command? One or two graphs there is no issue. 

And would it arise with any other commands than plot?

@Carl Love 


thank you. 



Thank you, it works :) 

Now I only need to figure out howto make Maple be able give Geogebra a command, and store it a file. I know Geogebra is JAVA based, so I guess I need to do a script to access Geogebras engine? Using Java? 

Many thanks for your answer :)

@Carl Love 

Its an attempt to express the following. A manufacture change a setting on their machine in the factory, so the probability for a customer getting bag of candy of 500 g of less is 5%. And assuming this normal distributed then I trying to express the mean if the standard deviation = 10. Then I am trying to get Maple to calculate the mean? 

I know its something to do with getting maple to calculate the value of integral of the normal distribution function on the interval - infity to 500. 

However I can't get it to work. So any other other way that RandomVariable(Normal(....))) this can be calculated? 

@Christian Wolinski 

You got a thumbs up. Thank you very much. 

Is there a specific Maple programming book, you could surgest for future reading ? 

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