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In the new Maple 15, if any calculation or process requires more than a few seconds, the cursor does not change to the hourglass (or equivalent) symbol. This makes it difficult to tell whether anything is happening and gives the impression that the program has hung.


I suggest that the hourglass (or equivalent) be resurrected whenever anything takes more than a few seconds.

Hi: Procedure "rsolve" in both Maple 10 (and 11) gives a complicated answer to the following recursion: rs:=subs(n=n,4*(n-1)^2*f(n-2)-(3+8*n^2-8*n)*f(n-1)+4*f(n)*n^2); ans:=rsolve({rs=0,f(1)=3/4,f(2)=41/64},{f(k)}); The answer involves both indices "n" and "k". I tried testing the answer by checking the original recursion equation and it doesn't work. (I am not posting the answer, but you can generate it by yourself by pasting the code above) Questions: 1. What does it mean when a recursion solution involves TWO indices? An example similar to this case is given in the help file, but the answer only involves one index.
The existing Maple10 "fortran" command generates Fortran77 code which differs considerably from Fortran95 code in several respects, especially in the syntax of "continuation" lines. It is suggested that a new command "fortran95" be made available that will generate code that obeys Fortran95 syntax.
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