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These are questions asked by Michael

Maple 2016 worked fine on July 27.

On July 28 Microsoft insisted on applying a patch to Windows 10 (they called it a "significant upgrade"). After that, Maple 2016 no longer works - it loads, presents the default worksheet, allows you to load a previous worksheet, but as soon as you go to do anything, it quits.

Any suggestions, other than downgrading to the previous version of Windows 10, which I have already done, (and turned off MS windows update services)?

I've got a worksheet in which I have invested many hours of CPU execution time and if the computer goes down, or Maple fails for some reason, I'll lose it all.

If this happens I would like to be able to continue the calculation from where I left off.

By saving the worksheet periodically, I can save all the commands, but not the results, so if I have to restart, I'll have to wait many hours before the worksheet catches up to where it left off.

In ancient versions of Maple, you used to be able to save an executed worksheet including results (I sort of remember that you wrote a file with the extension ".M")  but the new help pages say that is now different from what it used to be. Obviously I can "save" individual symbols to a file, but for a complicated worksheet  that gets complicated.

I've read about "maplet" files, but that doesn't seem to fill the bill either.

So, is there any simple way to save a worksheet so you can continue seamlessly from where you left off after a crash, with all the previous results intact?


Why do the first two of the following 4 examples not work in Maple 15?

subs(m=21,`mod`(m, 4));
subs(m=21,m mod(4));
`mod`(21, 4);
21 mod(4);

Is there a (simple) workaround?


I've got a very complicated integral, generated by Maple (15), of the form:


I need to do some manipulations on the integrand.  So, I perform the following:


f1:=perform operations on f(x)...etc


The trouble arises because sometimes Maple writes Z as shown above, and sometimes it writes it as:


and you can run the program twice in a row and you will get either form, randomly. So, sometimes Z1 will be wrong by a minus sign because you can't predict whether the minus sign is going to be embedded or not.

I've been complaining about this Maple property for years, to deaf ears within MapleSoft who insist it is not an issue, and it has been the subject of long discussions on this site that go nowhere.

So, the question becomes - how do I reliably extract the expression "a" from the expression for "Z" and how do I test whether it has a minus sign embedded within it, or explicitly showing.

This can drive you crazy if you are trying to do a calculation or write a program that always works.

Is there any simple way to print the sum of a series with exceptions?

For example, the following works (sort of), but its not consistent with mathematical notation, where one would expect to see something like a Sigma^' printed out, and the condition, alongw ith ther limits appear under the Sigma sign:


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