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Dear Users!

Hoped everything going fine with you. I constrcut the following code to construct the polynomials for any M1 and M2

printlevel := 2; M1 := 3; M2 := 3; nu := 1;
for k1 from 0 while k1 <= M1-1 do
for k2 from 0 while k2 <= M2-1 do
GP[k1+1, k2+1] := simplify(sum((-1)^(k1-i1)*GAMMA(k1+i1+2*nu)*GAMMA(nu+1/2)*x^i1*(sum((-1)^(k2-i2)*GAMMA(k2+i2+2*nu)*GAMMA(nu+1/2)*y^i2/(GAMMA(i2+nu+1/2)*factorial(k2-i2)*factorial(i2)*GAMMA(2*nu)), i2 = 0 .. k2))/(GAMMA(i1+nu+1/2)*factorial(k1-i1)*factorial(i1)*GAMMA(2*nu)), i1 = 0 .. k1))
end do end do;
I want to put this polynomials in a vector like
[GP[1,1]   GP[1,2]   GP[1,3]   GP[2,1]   GP[2,2]   GP[2,3]   GP[3,1]   GP[3,2]   GP[3,3]]
Similarlty I want to construct a vector having constants for any values of M1 and M2 like this
[a[1,1]   a[1,2]   a[1,3]   a[2,1]   a[2,2]   a[2,3]   a[3,1]   a[3,2]   a[3,3]]

Dear Users!

Hope you are doing well. Below is the code to solve system of equations

u[0, 0] := tau[1]-2*tau[2]+3*tau[3] = 1;
u[0, 1] := tau[1]-tau[3] = 1/2;
u[0, 2] := tau[1]+2*tau[2]+3*tau[3] = 2;
SOL[0] := fsolve({seq(`$`(u[0, l1], l1 = 0 .. M-1))});

the solutions SOL[0] := {tau[1] = .7500000000, tau[2] = .2500000000, tau[3] = .2500000000}
I want to define a vector of order M*1 having the solution of of tau's like that

[.7500000000  .2500000000  .2500000000]

I'm waiting for you positive response. Thanks in advance.
Special request to:
@acer @Carl Love @Kitonum @Preben Alsholm

Dear Users!

Hope you would be fine. I want to export .dat file from 2D plots in attached file. But facing some problem. Please have a look and try to fix it.

Many thanks

Special request:

@Carl Love



Dear Users!

Hope you would be fine. I want to export dat file for 3D plot in maple and want to replot it any perfessional software like tecplot, origin.

plot3d(sin(x+y), x = 0 .. 2*Pi, y = 0 .. 2*Pi);
How can I export the data in 3D. Thanks in advance for you help.

Dear Users!

Hope you would be fine with everything. I want to evaluate the following expression for k = 3, j = 0, r = 1.

I am waiting for your positive reply. Thanks in advance

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