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Dear @C_R , please find the following file

Sending you again @C_R

Thank you @C_R for your response. I am sending you my complete code for better understanding.

Please see if the code not stoped when both conditions fulfilled.

@sand15 many thanks for your answer. I will avoid such phrases next time.

Thank you @sand15! For your reply. I don't want to plot log[10] data. I want to plot surface plot of all original values of MAE which are less than 1.

In the attached file

I constructed sequences like RK11, RK22, RK33, and RK44 to plot surface plot, but don't get the appropriate one, for instant, the obtained surface plot for RK11 is

 Here some lines are directed toward zero which is not needed. The same problem happens with RK22, RK33 and RK44 (see Moreover, I also plot the density plot for the original data.

I am waiting for your positive response. Please take care.

Dear Sir @acer, I hope you are doing well. I have plotted the contours of absolute errors of four approximate solutions. The contours of the first three solutions are reasonable since the same behavior has been obtained in 3d plots. But the fourth contour plot (all blue) is inappropriate as the 3d behavior is different. Therefore, kindly help me to fix the problem

I shall be waiting for your positive response. Please take care

@acer Dear Professor, I benefited a lot from the file shared above. But, now I am trying to plot coutourplot of the following continuous function


and want to include the same options

- the colored density-plot
 - the black contours
 - those same contours, but colored to match the density-plot
 - the colored legend items

Kindly guide me on how I can use these options for contourplot of a continuous function. I am waiting for your response. Please take care

@acer thank you so much, dear Professor!

@acer thank you, Sir! What do I have to change in the above code If I don't want to show the contour lines only, the legend should be there. 

@sand15 Many thanks, the axis was changed as per your suggestions. About "structure Tecplot can manage", I really have no idea about it. 


I applied finite difference method with mesh size `&Delta;x` := L/Mx; `&Delta;t` := T/N; which divides the domain 0<=t<=2 into N+1 number of points and the domain 0<=x<=1 into Mx+1 number of points.

The more accurate solution obtain as taking the higher values for N and Mx thats whats why I took N=Mx=20.

Next, the professional software means in term of plotting like I want to plot it in tecplot as tecplot results have highe resolution than maple plot.

@acer , many thanks!

@acer , Thank you I resolve it, Now just want to ask how I can show the x-axis value and t-axis value as mentioned bellow:

@acer , Now I want to plot the contour plot of the sequence for in x and t as I tried above. 

xData := [0., 0.04995839572*sin(x), 0.09966865249*sin(x), 0.1488899476*sin(x), 0.1973955598*sin(x), 0.2449786631*sin(x), 0.2914567945*sin(x), 0.3366748194*sin(x), 0.3805063771*sin(x), 0.4228539261*sin(x), 0.4636476090*sin(x), 0.5028432109*sin(x), 0.5404195003*sin(x), 0.5763752206*sin(x), 0.6107259644*sin(x), 0.6435011088*sin(x), 0.6747409422*sin(x), 0.7044940642*sin(x), 0.7328151018*sin(x), 0.7597627549*sin(x), 0.7853981634*sin(x)];

where the first output is against when t=0, the second when t=0.05, the third when t=0.1 and so on the last is for t=1. 

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