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Dear Users!

Hope you would be fine. I want to write an expression in sigma notation which control ny n (any constant >0);
for n =1 expression expand as


for n =2 expression expand as

for n =3 expression expand as


for n =4 expression expand as


and so on.

I am waiting your kind respons. Thanks

Dear Users!

Hoped everyone is fine here. I am facing the problem to find the transpose of FDM[1], FDM[2] and FDM[0]. Please see the attachment and fix the mistake. I am waiting your positive respone.

Dear Users!

Hope you would be fine with everthing. I am going to draw a closed figure in maple for this I defined 13 function and then plot them combine. But function 13 "F13" not plotted as I required. I need it plot vertically but it plot horizentaly. Please see the attachment and try to fix my problem. I am waiting your response. Thanks in advance.

Hello dear users!

Hope you would be fine. I want to fine the roots of the following cubic equation


when the discriment is zero, positive and negative. I am waiting your positive response. Thanks


@acer @Carl Love @Kitonum @Preben Alsholm


Hoped everything is fine. I want to integrate the following expression under the different conditions of discriments Delta. 

int(1/(a[3]*(u(eta)^3+d[2]*u(eta)^2+d[1]*u(eta)+d[0])), eta);

when Delta = 0;Delta > 0 and Delta < 0.

where discriments Delta = -27*(2*(d[2])^3/27+d[0]-d[1]*d[2]/3)^2-4*(d[1]-(d[2])^2/3)^3;

I am waiting your positive respone.


@acer @Carl Love @Kitonum @Preben Alsholm

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