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Dear all!

Hope everyone is fine with everything! I want to simplify the following expression

diff(u(y, t), t) = (A^2/nu)^(1/3)*nu*(diff(u(y, t), y, y))/(A/nu^2)^(2/3)-(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*sigma*B^2*u(y, t)/rho+(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta*q2[w]*sqrt(nu^2/A)*T(y, t)/((nu*A)^(1/3)*k)+(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta*T[infinity]/(nu*A)^(1/3)-(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta*V[infinity]/(nu*A)^(1/3)+(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta1*C(y, t)/(nu*A)^(1/3)-(A^2/nu)^(1/3)*g*beta1*C[infinity]/(nu*A)^(1/3)

I above the red terms need to simplify i.e., we can add the power of A, nu etc. But maple can't do that please fix my problem. For more detail I attach my maple file.



Hope you all are fine. I am stuck to find the integration in the attachment. Please see that put your valuable suggestion to fix my problem. Thanks in advance

Dear all!

Hope everything going fine. I want to transfrom the derivative diff(u, y) into diff(U, Y) as disscussed in attached file. Please see the attachment and fix the problem. Thanks in advance

Helo dearz!

I want to find the inverse laplace transfrom (numerically) of the attached file of solution u and v for any values of M. I am waiting for your positive response.

Hello dear!

Hope everyone is fine. I want to solve the system of algebraic equations. The answer of c[i]'s should be in term of q. Please see the attachment and fix the problem for any value of M. I am waiting your positive response. Thanks in advance.

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