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I want to graw following points (u[i,j], i=0..M,j=0..N) obtained in Sol[i] in 3D where i takes along x-axes, j y-axis and u along z axes. I also want the style of point plot as surface. Same do for v and w. I am waiting your response, Thanks


I want to draw the graphs of the attached system of PDEs for different values of M in 3D please fix my problem. I am waiting your positive response.


I want to ask how to run multiple program at a time in maple? I am waiting your positive response. 


I draw multiple graphs in singal coordinate with same line style. I don't know how to change the line style and color for g[1], g[2] and g[3] becuase of loop. Please some fix my problem to give them different style and color.

Dear all!

I am facing problem to find the solution of system of linear equations as attached for different values of alpha, please the see the attachment and fix my problem

Thanks in advance

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