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Hope everyone is fine. I want to write the values of "phi" with their line colors in legend or in title. I know how to make legends but the problem is here there are nine graphs and we need only three legends. Please fix my problem. I am waiting the positive response. Thanks in advance



Hope everyone is fine with everything. I am facing problem to solve the system of PDEs in the attached file. Is there any built-in command to the solve the attached system of PDEs via FEM, FDM, SIMPLER algorithm or some other efficient method? Please try to fix my problem. I am waiting your positive response. Thanks in advance.


Hope everyone is good. I am face to attaine the converges solution of the attached problem. Please have a look and fix my problem. I am waiting your response


Hope everyone is fine. In attached file I solved system of equations. But the solution like this 


But I want the solution like


Please see the attachment and fix my problem


I am facing to eliminate diff(p(x, y), y, x) from Eq1 and Eq2. My procedure is given below:

Eq1 := 2*rho[nf]*a^2*x*(diff(f(eta), eta, eta))*(diff(f(eta), eta))/h+rho[nf]*sqrt(nu[f])*(diff(f(eta), eta))*a*x*(diff(f(eta), eta, eta))/h^2+rho[nf]*sqrt(nu[f])*f(eta)*a*x*(diff(f(eta), eta, eta, eta))/h^2+2*rho[nf]*omega[0]*a*x*(diff(g(eta), eta))/h = -(diff(p(x, y), y, x))+mu[nf]*a*x*(diff(f(eta), eta, eta, eta, eta))/h^3-sigma[nf]*B[0]^2*a*x*(diff(f(eta), eta, eta))/h;

Eq2 := 0 = -(diff(p(x, y), y, x));

eliminate({Eq1, Eq2}, diff(p(x, y), y, x));

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