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I also change the file extension like .xlsx.xlsx but the following expression didn't work. I am using Maple 2015, Please help me in this matter

ExcelTools:-Import("C:/Users/Usman/Desktop/Employees.xlsx", 1,"A1:B101");

Thanks @acer for your kind response. 

Location of file is C:/Users/Usman/Desktop/Employees.xlsx. I also attached this file. I want to plot 3 sheets.



@Preben Alsholm take p=0.1, L=8 and F(L)=G(L)=0 

Thanks @Preben Alsholm for your valuable suggestions. I know both equations have highest order is four. Is there any numerical method available to find the solution of above equations associated with 6 BCs.?


Dear @Kitonum I also attach the file from where I took the system of equation please see fix my problem please.

Dear @Kitonum  thanks for your valueable comment. How can I find the solution?


I used this command

fsolve([seq(`$`(F1[l1, l2], l1 = 2 .. 2^K*M-1), l2 = 2 .. 2^K*M), seq(`$`(F2[l1], l1 = 2 .. 2^K*M)), seq(`$`(F3[l1], l1 = 2 .. 2^K*M)), seq(`$`(F4[l1], l1 = 1 .. 2^K*M))]);

@Carl Love @acer

Sir I need you help to fix my above querry @acer @Carl Love @Preben Alsholm

Thanks for your answer @tomleslie . I want to know how we can solve the PDEs have x,y,t by numeric? Waiting your positive and valueable comments.

@tomleslie also the points obtained from BCs and ICs are not in the matrices which you generate.

@tomleslie dear thanks for your positive response. for 1/(h=5) and 1/(k=5) the program give good results but for higher values (arbitrary values) of h and k results seems not good please see your sent program.

@tomleslie thanks for your answer. Now I want to minimize the size of 3D plot. I know how to do it for 2D plot, but don't know in 3D. Please help me to do this. I am waiting your response.

@Carl Love yes I also need legend please guide me how to do. Give nine curve arbitrary name.

Dear @Carl Love thanks for your deep answer about alpha. I got it and do the changing as per your suggestion. But you said you solve the system for N=100 in on mint. Can you share me that maple? I want to know who computational work reduces. 

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