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@tomleslie Thanks for you kind response and fix my problem.

@Joe Riel Thanks for you comments. So how to fix the problem in this case?

@Carl Love Now there is no evalm but face more problem than before.

@Carl Love Please the following file

@Carl Love thanks for your answer! I remove evalm but face same problem.

@Carl Love I need the result in trignometry or hyperbolic functions

@Carl Love thanks for your reply now what happend if we integrate the 

int(1/sqrt(u^3+u^2*d[2]+u*d[1]+d[0]), u);

@Carl Love thanks for your answer. I was typing mistake, acutally i want to integrate the following expression

int(1/(a[3]*(u(eta)^3+d[2]*u(eta)^2+d[1]*u(eta)+d[0])), u(eta));

@Kitonum thanks for your answer!

@mmcdara thanks for your answer. I think you skip the variaion of r and s. 

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