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@tomleslie Thanks for your help. 

@Kitonum thanks your response. What is the general procudre to write block matrix for any k like 3,4,5 etc. The following one is for k=2

<A[1], Matrix(3); Matrix(3), A[2]>;

I tried to get the desired blockmatrix via proc as:

L := proc (M)

Matrix(2^(k-1), 2^(k-1), {seq(seq((i, j+i+1) = OO, i = 2 .. 2^(k-1)-1-j), j = 0 .. 2^(k-1)-3), seq(seq((j+i, i-1) = OO, i = 3 .. 2^(k-1)-j), j = 0 .. 2^(k-1)-3), seq((1, i) = OO, i = 3 .. 2^(k-1)), seq((i, 1) = OO, i = 3 .. 2^(k-1)), seq((i, i) = A[i], i = 2 .. 2^(k-1)), (1, 1) = A[1], (1, 2) = OO, (2, 1) = OO})

end proc

where OO is null matrix of same order as A[i]'s.

@Kitonum thanks for your response. I want the block matrix of the following form

Here null matrix is of 3 by 3 order

@Carl Love extremly sorry for missing information. A[i] is M-1 by M-1 matrix having element like the following

@Carl Love thanks for your answer. I didn't get you.

@Rouben Rostamian  thanks alot. I got it

Thanks @Kitonum for your answer. It means s varies from 1 to r-1 and r+s must be odd

Special request @acer @Carl Love @Preben Alsholm

@acer Thanks alot for your so kind response. 

First of all thanks @acer for your positive answer on my question. Actually I need the simplification which explained in attached file. Please find the attachement and fix my problem. I shall be very thankfull for your answer on it. 

@tomleslie thanks alot for your positive answer.

@Kitonum Thanks for your kind reply. What about the case dicussed in attached file.

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