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I'm trying to export some plots to a .gif file which are then imported to a latex-beamer presentation. Since the presentation uses a non-white background, I want maple to produce gif plots with a transparent background. What I tried so far is plotsetup( gif, plotoptions="transparent=true" ) but no dice. As an alternative, setting a RGB valued BGcolor would be ok for now as well ... here I tried setting the PlotBGColor value of my maplerc but this had not the desired effect as well. Thanks in advance, Cheers Nils
I'm currently trying to plot the Ferrers graph of a plane partition, i.e. a 3D structure of stacked boxes. My input would be a plane partition pij with the information ( i, j, k ) for each 'stack of boxes' where i, j are the coordinates in the matrix and k is the value of the respective entry. As an example, the following input 3 2 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 should produce a plot that looks like this: Thanks a lot in advance! Cheers Nils
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