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I have retired as Professor-Mechanical in Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering and Technology under Anna University affiliated colleges in Tamil Nadu, India. I have 19 years of Industrial and 20 years of teaching experience. I am learning Maple for the past four and half years hoping to make at least one appreciable maple presentation.

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Can any one help me with an example of how to use module in embedded components where a (action:-


action := module () export arithmatic, times;  arithmatic := proc (a, b) options operator, arrow; a+b end proc; arithmatic := proc (a, b) options operator, arrow; a-b end proc; times := proc (a, b) options operator, arrow; `mod`(a*b, 5) end proc end module



action:-arithmatic(2, 5)



action:-times(2, 6)




I want a procedure (say plot math container in a plot area) in place of arithmatic above.

OR I want a number of calculations under arithmatic ( a+b and a-b)

What is the method I should adopt? How do i insert another module or procedure inside the above module?

Which help page will help me?





Download ModuleExample.mwModuleExample.mw

get command is used)?

I attach a module i made for edit and comment.


Ramakrishnan V

Can any one help me correct my doc wherein I want to record 5 minutes with microphone and play it for the same duration through my speaker with a click of button component. I find problem in file path specification.This document in my PC is  in E:\A_PhD2017\MAPLEPhDFiles\RequestCorrection_Microphone_Speaker_from_primetime.mw

Components added are only three: microphone0, Speaker0 and Button0





rate := DocumentTools:-GetProperty("Microphone0", samplerate); 1; R := DocumentTools:-GetProperty("Microphone0", value)

Array(%id = 18446745571883247742)


Edit Click Action for Button contains the following commands.

R := DocumentTools:-GetProperty("Microphone0", value); 1; srate := DocumentTools:-GetProperty("Microphone0", samplerate); 1; DocumentTools:-SetProperty("Speaker0", samplerate, srate); 1; DocumentTools:-SetProperty("Speaker0", value, R)




No errors displayed for both the above doc tools use``

Also nonstop continuous evaluation takes place! Where is the loop formation if at all there is any?

Thanks for answering

Ramakrishnan V


Download RequestCorrection_Microphone_Speaker_from_primetime.mwRequestCorrection_Microphone_Speaker_from_primetime.mw


Is it possible to edit 3D work space directly in maplesim? How?

Can we add a static (fixed) cylinder around a piston (translating cylinder) in the 3D workspace?

Can we draw in maple drawing and add it to maplesim 3D space?

Thanks for these basic yet unclear to for the past many months.

Ramakrishnan V

I have an excel macro file (enable macro or save as macro and run) in which the colour of cells keep changing by a macro named macro2.

Can we achieve it in maple or maple sim?

Any one please suggest a way for me to try out.



Ramakrishnan V

I dragged into model space prismatic FixedFrame and RigidBody components and prismatic joint along y axis. I also set mass m = 1 kg. The manual says set K_S = K_S and K_K_d in inspector parameter setting. It did not work out. So i set values 12 and 0.1 for K_S and K_d. I sreated subsystem sub of rigidBody and followed the following instructions,

Quote" PrismaticJoint.PlacethePrismaticjointandRigidBodyinasubsystemcalledsub.Thisallowsthe EquationTemplatetogenerateequationsspecificallyfortheselectedsubsystem.
3. ClickTemplates( )intheMainToolbarandselecttheEquationstemplate. 4. IntheAttachmentfield,provideaworksheetnameandclickCreateAttachment.Your MapleSimmodelopensinaMapleworksheet,withtheSubsystemSelectionwindow.

ClickLoadSelectedSubsystem.Thesubcomponentparameterandvariablesload automaticallyintheParameterandVariableManipulationareas"

After this i wanted to modify the equations. I could not. The same equation is reassigned.

Parameter and variable rows - are as shown in manual, but a blank row not available for user's use. But how do i get the variable x(t) there and rename it?

Thanks for an example of this chapter with an application of its use., if available with anyone?

Ramakrishnan V

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