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How come the simplify command does not do a better job of reducing the term?  As anyone can see, all the terms share a common factor in the numerator and denominator which can be cancelled out.  And the factor jw is common to all terms.  See attachment.  Ratch

Suppose I have, say three arrays. I want to perform division on all the same positional elements of the array one and two, and raise the result to a power of designated by the same positional element of the third array.  In other words, the function applies to each of the elements of the array separately.  How do I do that without getting into programming?  Ratch

Is it possible to specify tolerances such as +10,-5 instead of just +-10?  In other words, can the high and low limits be different?  Thanks, Ratch

Hi All,

I am combining two problems I have with fsolve. 

1)  When fsolve finds a solution, it does not distribute the result globally.  So I have to cut 'n paste each result on another line.  Big PIA.  Is there a way to globalize the results?

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Why does Maple squawk when I submit more equations than it needs for FSOLVE?  Shouldn't Maple be able to tell that the first equation is dependent on the next two equations and ignore it?  Why can't SOLVE simply output the solutions as shown in the comment line instead of giving me all that razzamatazz about RootOf this and RootOfthat?  Thanks, Ratch

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