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How can I use subscripts in functions?  I can define an equation such as A1=B1+C1 fine.  But when I type in  A1:=(B1,C1)->B1+C1 , I get "Error, invalid operator parameter name".  What gives?  Any work arounds?


I have a function that PLOT (2D) refuses to write all the way out to x=0.01 .  It stops the curve at x=0.005 or so, no matter how hard I try to make it do otherwise.  When I make a POINTPLOT from a SEQ generated from the function, then I see the full curve.  Can anyone tell me what is wrong before I send this problem in to tech support?  I am sure the function is defined and continuous.  Ratch

     Why is it that Maple is smart enought to know that a term like 3w means three times w, but two terms in parentheses like (3+7)and (7+8) with no multiplication operator between them gives an answer of 7?  When a multiplication operator is inserted between the parenthesis, the correct answer 105 is obtained. 


When a user drags and drops a component from the pallette, a copy of the component is copied into the subsystem library located in the lower right of the screen.  This is handy if used again so that the user does not have to drill down into the pallettes repeatedly.  But, after a while the copies accumulate in the subsystems library, and it would be nice to selectively delete them if the user knows they will not be used again.  I have not found any way to delete the built in components copyied into the subsystem library.  I suppose it is childishly simple, but the operat

Is it possible to change the x_axis to an expanded scale for values less than zero, and keep the regular scaling for positive values?  In other words, display the x-axis from  -1 to 0 using all the real estate on the left side of the y-axis, and 0 to 10 on the right side.  Ratch

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