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While looking at a Maple demonstration, it appeared to me that a intricate math expression was cut and pasted or dragged somehow into the text field, or next to a text field of a plot to become part of its documenation.  The demo went so fast.  When I try that, it does not work.  I can easily annotate the plot with text and math expressions if I type the math expressions manually, but I was hoping to bring the math expression in from somewhere outside of the plot.  Is that wishful thinking, or is it possible?  Ratch

     I am trying to do a "radial" polar plot.  Yes, I know Maple can do polar plots, but their axes are always in the x-y direction.  I am looking for a polar plot that is round with the angle (theta)  labeled around the circle in degrees., and the value 'R' as the length from the center of the circle.  There should also be concentric circles marked with the distance from the center point so as to provide a scale for the R value.  So the grid looks like a round spiderweb.  Can Maple do this easily?  I looked all over the docum

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