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Hi guys


How can i construct the standard vector e[i]. Where e[i] is a 4 dimensional vector with 0 in all entries apart from the ith which has ?

Hi Guys, i have a forloop problem.

I have a nxs matrix, where s=sum((k),k=1..n-1), so when n=3, s=3, when n=4,s=6 and so on.

I need to code each column number lexicographically for cartesian pair (i,j) where i<j, so when n=3, the columns would be



and when n=4 we have



Hi guys

Is it relatively simple to create a maplet which allows a user to fill in the entries of a matrix, and then to take the elements of that matrix and put it through a procedure. So to clariffy say i make a window appear with 4 empty boxes, this would correspond to the entries of a matrix.



I found the roots of a polynomial t^6+t^3+1 by hand, now i want to see if these values in the form exp(a*I/(b*Pi)) satisfy the polynomial, how can i do this?



how can i do this in maple


if(a>b>c) then 4


or maybe if(a>b) and if(b>c) then 4

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