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Hi Guys, im wondering if you can help me with this for loop problem

so i have the array k[20,20], so it has 400 hundred entries, each entry has a number, but one entry has a number higher  then the others,

e.g. k[1,5]=6,k[1,6]=40,k[4,4]=20

so in the loop below i intend for the a and b element of the entry with the highest value to be assigned to tempa[2,1] and tempa[2,2], but i am not getting this outcome, please have a look


Hi Guys i have 2 matrices, A and B, a[i,j] and b[i,j] are the elements of the matrices respectively. How can i set the entries of A to equal the entrices of B, so then when i use the command, evalm(A), the previous a[i,j] values will become b[i,j]? Thanks.
Hi guys, do any of you know how to differentiate a matrix, i have the command A:=Matrix(2,2,symbol=k): I want to treat the elements k[1,1]..k[2,2] as variables, and then differentiate the matrix with respect to say k[1,1], and so on. How can i do this?
Hi how can i retrieve the 1 in x[1] in a maple program or 2 in y[2]?
Hi guys, i wrote this fairly simply routine, to basically generate n equations, generate relations between those equations, then attempt to solve them by comparing coeffients, upon which i group together the information about the coefficients, for example i could have the equation ax+by=4x, so from that x=4,b=0 The equations in question are Dx=[x,Dy]+[Dx,y], when D is a map which maps x and y to A, where x and y span A's basis. so Dx and Dy would be a linear combination of x and y. This would be for the 2 dimensional case, for the n dimensional case x and y would extend to n variables.
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