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Hi guys, I've forgotten how to count down in a for loop, so something like for i from 4 to 1 do i; end for: Any advice??
Hi, i am trying to use assign in this seemingly simple situation output=op restart: s:=k[1][1]*x[1]+k[2][2]*x[1]; op k[1][1] x[1] + k[2][2] x[1] s1:=k[1][1]*x[1]+k[1][2]*x[2]; op k[1][1] x[1] + k[1][2] x[2] l:=solve({coeff(s,x[1])=coeff(s1,x[1])},{k[1][1],k[2][2],k[1][2],k[2][1]}); op {k[2][2] = 0, k[1][1] = k[1][1], k[1][2] = k[1][2], k[2][1] = k[2][1]} p:=solve({coeff(s,x[2])=coeff(s1,x[2]),k[1][2]=0},{k[1][2],k[2][2],k[1][1],k[2][1]}); [] {k[1][1] = k[1][1], k[2][1] = k[2][1], k[1][2] = 0, k[2][2] = k[2][2]} assign(p); Error, (in assign/internal) invalid left hand side of table reference
Hi guys, i created a procedure to produce the commutator lie bracket, for the lie algebra so basically commutator(x,y)=x&*y-y&*x where x and y are not commutative. But there is a problem when i add constants into the mix, like a*x, a is treated as a variable. So i wonder if within the simplify function, there is a way to set certain variables/constants to be commutative or to declare a variable as a constant variable. If more information is needed check down here I am attempting to output the results of a derivation map D so say we have 2 elements of the lie algebra, x and y, and L is spanned by x and y,
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