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sol := solve(log[3](x) = a, x);
f :=x->log[1/3](x)-log[sqrt(3)](x^2)+log[x](9) ;
simplify(f(sol)) assuming a::real;

Have you checked if your expression has poles in the right half of the complex plane? If yes then the theorem cannot be applied here. Otherwise you should upload your worksheet so we can have a look.

If you have an international keyboard layout, you have to use Alt+Enter to evaluate inline, see ?2dmathshortcutkeys

you now have a symbolic expression for the product, use it to numerically solve for n

The CAD toolbox is not included in MapleSim Student, I suggest get in touch with Maplesoft for a quote.



If we assume constant deceleration:



2 equations with 2 unknowns a,t

If you want to learn something, do it by hand. First, expand the brackets, i.e. 4*(-x+1) becomes -4x+4. Then collect all terms with x on one side and divide by its coefficient.


You can convert a decimal into a rational by convert(2.142857143, rational).

Then you could use ?convert,base to turn numerator and denominator separately into base 2 integers. The output format isn't exactly as you want because Maple would automatically evaluate sums of powers to a number.



Or you use the commands from the student package, which are more geared towards the methods students learn early on. 

Int(1/(x+2*sqrt(x)), x):ShowSolution(%);

It could be you dropped some multplication signs where you were not allowed to, hard to tell without executable code. This kind of terms look suspicious: cf[-1](-1.833333334)


I think it the problem is that plotting from the context menu  substitutes dimensionless values for t in v(t), like this:

eval(v(t), t = 2);
Error, (in Units:-Simple:-eval) the following expressions imply incompatible dimensions: {0.6324555320e-1*Units:-Unit(kg/s)+.1594516229*Units:-Unit(kg)}

Working with units goes well with pen & paper, but in a CAS it always seems to me a source for additional trouble only. Why bother?


see ?rand for details


Explore(inequal( {x>0,x>2*(y-a-1),x+a+1>y,y>x+a-1}, x=-3..3, y=-3..3 ),a=-1.0..3.0);

I also find this annoying at times, but in my opinion this is a smaller comfort thing. You can always keep holding the return key for a few seconds to insert a burst of red prompts.

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