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This already has been programmed in similar form, see help("mathapps,electromagneticwaves")

Click "edit startup code" in the icon bar for the program.


see ?kernelopts,numcpus for this purpose. Example:

to query the number of currently used cpus:

limit to 2 cpus:

Also interesting: ?multithreaded

another Option:

local Pi:=sqrt(2);evalf(Pi);

#global meaning can be accessed with :-




S[1] := .51-.67030*t+.4644645000*t^2-.2542824350*t^3+.1337509523*t^4;
S[2] := .29-.37330*t+.2539795000*t^2-.1337383850*t^3+0.6737783824e-1*t^4;
S[3] := 0.6e-1-0.6280e-1*t+0.3392700000e-1*t^2-0.7715060000e-2*t^3-0.2012235525e-2*t^4;

plot([S[1], S[2], S[3]], t = 0 .. 2);

#if this should be a parametric plot in 3D, use this:

plot3d([S[1], S[2], S[3]], t = 0 .. 2);

or use a loop:

for n from 3 to 10 do
end do;

I is the imaginary unit. 0.I probably comes from a numerical calculation and the limited precision has lead to a spurious imaginary remainder. The tilde ~ means you have assumptions placed on variable x. You can turn this notation off in tools->options-> assumed variables





not perfect, but check out ?solve,identity

solve(identity(20*x^3+10*x^2+4*x+1 = 20*(x-r1)*(a*x^2 + b*x + c), x), [r1,a,b,c]):%[1];



Do you see a rearrangement when you type

plot(x, x = 1 .. 5, caption = typeset((a+b+c)/a));


one example with 3 phase sine source ,star connection and inertia element

according to ?seq:

seq(f, i = m..n)
"If m is greater than n, seq returns the empty sequence (NULL)."

Or you could specify a negative stepsize: seq(-GAMMA(k+1, x), k = 0 .. -2,-1) 


The Modelica Standard Library 3.2.1 is already included in MapleSim. Could you be more specific?

MapleSim 2016 has a built in contact library for this purpose. In older versions you probably have to model terrain/car interaction with custom components, using spring/damper deqs.


You could try out the new Maplesoft forum for Maple TA:

The community here on MaplePrimes is really engaged and helpful, but more focused on Maple. 



type in a command line ?MapleTAIntegration

You will find topics about the Import into Maple and related tasks

There is already a component called min, check Signal Blocks->Matematical->Operators, or just type min in the search toolbar. If it has to be a custom component, you probably could use the piecewise command to build a min function

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