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Returning the unevaluated input is usually Maple's way to tell you "I don't know how to solve it, there you have it back".


Maybe the command ?try helps to walk over errors, not sure. 

there have been some wiring errors and also the source was not integrated properly.



have you loaded the inttrans package? with(inttrans);

Otherwise the command invlaplace is not recognized. Or use inttrans[invlaplace](...,s,t)


Generally, you can add a leading % character to your function to make it inert, i.e.

(%int=int)(exp(-x^2)*cos(2*x*y), x = 0 .. infinity);



use a lookup table with an Excel attachment. 



The capacitor is bypassed, you have to delete the routing connection.




The help page gives some hints to prevent expand from simplifying things, do you have an example what you want to do?

You could check your Typesetting level under Options/Display. Mine is extended by default, and it works without error. If I set it to standard, it also hangs.



Have you looked at Maple IDE?

Not sure what it does for versioning  though.

You have to use labels via Cntrl-L to reference any output, see attachment




When a student buys Maple from the webstore, he will get a temporary license key. Once used for activation, itis valid for approx. 3 weeks. As soon as the student status is verified, the key will be changed to perpetual, but the user has to activate once more with the same key (purchase code) to make the change happen on the local machine. So, Maple only has to be connected to the internet during activation processes.


You could also check out the new Maple TA forum, which is more focused on this product:

It is a monitored forum, you have a good chance to get a response from the devs.



plot(x,x=0..5,labels=["x","Proportions of Susceptible"],labeldirections=[horizontal,vertical])




Will it work better if you replace r,R,d by rationals, i.e. R:=1;r:=6/10;d:=8/10;



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