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Sorry to bother you again. I want my computations(results) to carry/have more decimal places so that I can choose how many decimal places to show myself. This is because, my result is always displayed in 9 d.p but I want more decimal places to be displayed. Just like the way we change the way maple display matrix in-line with command interface(rtablesize= N), is there a similar way i can do the decimal place thing?

Secondly, how can i suppress the value A amd B from...

i'm here once again and thanks for all your useful replies. They've all being really helpful. my problem this time around is how to create a table of values. I already have the values at hand but would like to tabulate them so that i can have a better view of everything at ponce. and also to make comparism at some point t or width h. Is there a maple function that can do this conveniently?

Hello, I'm a newbie in Maple. I just started learning maple and i'm using version 17. I want to know if there is a way in maple to get the coefficients of some variables maybe an example would explain me better. Lets say we have

23x^4 + (12*h)x^2

So my question is that is there a function/method that can allow me to strip the coefficients of x^4 and x^2. Because I have a very long expression and I need the coefficients of the variables therein to populate a matrix.

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