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Hello guys, I want maple to show me the time taken to execute the entire 500 loops shown in the code below. I read maple help and was able to come up with the code  (just part of the whole code).

st := time[real]():

for k from 1 to 500 do

  sol := LinearSolve(A, eval(b, [y[0]=y_init,z[0]=z_init])):
end do:

time[real]() - st;

my problem is that the time that shows varies/differs if i run it several times. I was expecting the same time interval of calculation. Am I doing something wrong?

A friend asked me a question and I didn't know the answer to give him. So I decided to share the question with you guys. According to him, Is there an inbuilt function in maple that we can use to specify "time" on a worksheet/document? What the time does is to run or execute the worksheet/document at the time stipulated. Meaning in his absense, he wants maple to run a particular worksheet at a particular time which he will decide.Hope my question is sensible?

I want to know which other maple in-built function does the same thing as fsolve and LinearSolve. I can use both to solve systems of equations either by passing the equations directly to fsolve or deciding to generate matrix to be used in LinearSolve while still getting the same result. So, i'm using this medium to ask if there are/is other inbuilt function that does the same/similar thing as the two.

Hello, please i would like someone to please explain Hermite Polynomial for me. I have zero knowledge of this and if possible give examples and references. Also, on how to Normalize Hermite Polynomial and Ortogonarity of Hermite Polynomial. Thanks
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