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These are questions asked by anthonyfl

I have a position vector in 3D space of  <t,0,(2/3)t^(3/2)>,0<=t<=8. I found the unit tangent vector to be <1/((1+t)^(1/2)),0,(t^1/2)/((1+t)^(1/2))>. I am not sure how to graph the unit tangent vector and the position vector together. I attached the file I am working in.

I would like to plot a specific vector with an initial point of <4,3,-5> and a terminal point of <3,-1,4>. I have been searching through Maple Primes and Maple Soft.

I have to find the distance between a point and a plot. The point is (2,-3,4) and the plane is x+2y+2z=13. How do I plot this?

How do I write this in logical notation in Maple? Is it even possible?

Show logical notation that expresses the following statement: If one dice shows an even number of spots and the second dice shows an odd number of spots, then the total for the pair is less than or equal to 9.

I want to show the animation of the polar equation r=cos(2theta) be plotted from theta=0 to 2pi

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