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These are questions asked by anthonyfl

I want to plot y=sec(x) and x=-pi/4, x= pi/4. I also want the bounded region shaded. I have been able to graph sec(x) but I can't figure out how to get the two vertical lines and the bounded region shaded.

I am trying to graph x^(1/2) and (x^2/8) revolving around the y-axis using the ring method but I have not been able to do it. I only get the shell method. I have adjusted the functions to read x=y^2 and x=sqrt(8y). The bounds for this method is 0 to 2. No matter the commands I have tried I have not been able to get the washer method to show. I do not want to use the tutor program.

I have two functions:

f(x)= (x)^(1/2)


I want to get each function to rotate the y-axis and build the shape and I want the shaded region to build the 3D shape as it goes around the y-axis.

The domains for all would be 0 to 4.

The url link to what I am looking for it below.

Thank you in advanced!

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