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These are questions asked by bliengme

Copied this from a webpage but it gives an error.

Grateful for all suggestions

In my diagram the horizontal axis cross the vertical axis at -1. How do  I combine location = origin to have to run through y=0?

Many thanks

Can someone please tell me my mistake. The plot is not responing to slider changes.

Many thanks

My worksheet is shown below. I am copying an example from a textbook and know that h = 26.4 is correct.

However, if I use !!! (execute entire worksheet) then I get h = -13

What an i doing wrong


I am working on a simple set of notes for students. Much of the on-line stuff is either out-of-date or too complex.

Here is the problem I wish to show

A corpse was found in a room with an ambient temperature of 64°F. The body temperature on finding the corpse was 75°F; one hour later it was 73°F. Use Newtons Law of cooling to find the time of death.

Here is my solution. I realise the assignment to variable cool is not used. Please tell me any suggestions for improvements.

many thanks

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