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These are questions asked by boriaj

I want to visualize data provided by the Maximize command. The output I get is of the following form (example):

 [.358700275060090779, [p[0] = .192413186080606, p[1] = 0.906594292940704e-1, p[2] = 0.677108912885780e-1, p[3] = 0.609551830556988e-1, p[4] = 0.589744573790909e-1, p[5] = 0.585737058072817e-1, p[6] = 0.589744573787748e-1, p[7] = 0.609551830550955e-1, p[8] = 0.677108912877626e-1, p[9] = 0.906594292931833e-1, p[10] = .192413186079858]]
I want to plot the sequence p[0], ..., p[10] with the command LineChart (for example).

My question is: How to automatically "clean up" output as above so I can feed it to LineChart?

I want to generate a random matrix of size m x n as follows: for each i between 1 and m, take a random p_i number according to some fixed distribution (for example, uniform distribution in [0,10]). These numbers p_i are independent. Then I'll form a random matrix whose (i,j)-entry is chosen according to a probability distribution that depends on the parameter p_i (for example, it could be Poisson(p_i)). So entries in the same row are independent.

How can I do that?

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